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Hazel catkins – SoiLandSoul for the deep wellbeing of people 👣🕸️ and planet💦☀️

With a month to go before the Spring Equinox on the Celtic calendar and with so much flood water covering much of the allotment site over the last few months, my attention has been taken to the edges. Edges or margins are often the places on allotments, in gardens or societies that are less ‘managed’, wilder, and are often interesting diverse, and creative places.

Edges are places of transition, portals to something else… For example from land to water; riverbanks, sea-shores, streams or lakes, or where grassland changes to woodland. On our allotments the scale is much smaller and the principle is the same. The boundary of the allotment site as a whole borders river, stream, grassland with trees, and road-pavement. Our individual plots have edges with neighbouring plots, paths, river, pavement etc.

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Wild Edges