Hi Folks.  In case you didn’t receive an email with this news, we have received the following from the Council via ODFAA

The Council is concerned about bonfires during the lockdown period when many people with pre-existing respiratory problems are stuck at home.
They are asking allotment sites to refrain from bonfires during the lockdown period. This coincided with a halt to their garden waste (brown bin) collection scheme while OCC staff are redirected to priority areas. (The ban has since been lifted and collections resumed)
Twenty Pound Meadow already has a site-wide ban on bonfires but this OCC request means that we cannot burn waste on the burn area to the north of the site. Please do not take waste for burning to that area as it will rapidly mount up and become unmanageable – please store it on your plot until such time as bonfires are allowed again.
For Botley Meadow, please do not have any bonfires until the restrictions are lifted – please store the waste on your plots as above.

Sorry for this inconvenience and I hope that it will only be a short time until we can proceed as before.

Nick Jackson (on behalf of the Committee)

OCC ban on bonfires