Following the success of the last course we organised, on Saturday, 2 December, from 9.00 to 1.00, a tree pruning expert from Waterperry Gardens will be offering a course on pruning fruit trees. It will start with a one-hour session at the Community Centre, followed by three hours of instruction and practice on the allotment. This will take place at the north-west corner of Twenty Pound Meadow (the Tumbling Bay end) next to the bonfire site location where there are a number of mature apple trees that need pruning. All the pruning practice will take place there, not on other allotments.

Chris Lanczak is manager of the orchard and chief gardener at Waterperry Gardens – for more information see this article from the Oxford Times.

The course will cost £10.00. You’ll need to register for the course because the number of participants is limited to 20. If you wish to register, contact Gus Fagan (gus.fagan@ntlworld.com). Once your registration has been accepted, you need to pay in advance in the shop. If you have not paid then we reserve the right to offer your place to those on a waiting list.

On the day, you will need a good sharp pruning shears, pruning saw, or lopper. You will also need a good pair of gloves. All pruning will be done from the ground – no ladders.


Tree Pruning Course 2018