too much tomatoes plant

Mathieu Cambron

Anyone interested by tomatoes plant ?

too much tomatoes plant
  • Nick Jackson

    Hi Mathieu. I will ask some of the new (late) starters on the Botley Meadow site if any of them need any tomato plants. Many thanks, Nick

  • Jana Muschinski

    Hi Mathieu, we just got a half-plot at Botley meadows a couple of weeks ago and would love a couple tomato plants if still available! Which site are you at?

  • Mathieu Cambron

    Hiya, I am in Twenty pound. I am selling 1 tomato plant + 1 pot and + compost ( as they are all ready potted ) for 1£ each, just to cover the cost. If you are interested - I have 2 varieties of cherry tomatoes (1x from England, 1x from Poland - best for salad ) and 2 varieties of bigger one ( both from Belgium - best for salad ). This is the second year I am growing them. You can have as many as you like as I over seeded them. I am around from Monday to do the exchange …

    • Jana Muschinski

      Hi Mathieu,

      That's great! I would love four of the bigger variety (maybe 2 each?) if that works for you! You can email me directly at musch.jana [at] I'll see the response faster that way :)