Allotments have rarely been more popular and at any one time the vast majority of ours are in use. However, we do have some vacant plots (and half-plots) every year, mostly in late September after our annual rent audit. We have separate waiting lists for each site but if you have no preference, let us know when you contact us.

A full plot measures 10 poles which is approximately 5m x 50m in area. For 2019-20 full plots cost £30 per year and half plots are £15 per year.

To apply for plots at either Twenty Pound Meadow or Botley Meadow, contact the Association Secretary at

Vacant plots are allocated to applicants in the order in which their names appear on the waiting list, except that preference will be given to residents of West Oxford (meaning: OX2 to the west of the railway line). You will find many other allotment associations catering for other areas of the city – see the Oxford City Council allotments pages.

Those applying to the Association for an allotment need to be aware that there are serious responsibilities attached. Allotments must be cultivated every year and if you neglect yours you cannot expect to keep it. However, we welcome beginners and attempt to give what support we can. The requirement of cultivation is understood to refer to the diligence of the Association member, not to the quality of the product!

The Association holds its sites via licence agreements with Oxford City Council, which imposes obligations that the Association passes on to its members. The licences in turn reflect the provisions of the Allotments Act 1922, under which allotment plots must be used for the production of fruit or vegetables for consumption by the plot-holder and their family, and/or of flowers for use by the plot holder and their family. Commercial use of an allotment is forbidden – by law.