Botley Meadow allotments (1.5 ha or 4 acres) have been worked for over a century. Today, members represent several nationalities which means there is a vast amount of expertise both in traditional growing methods from here in the UK and other cultures too. So, if you are not sure where to start – ask your neighbour!

There are around 60 plots of varying size and the site is bounded to the north by the Botley Stream.  We have a solar powered water pump supplying water troughs around the site that members can use for watering.

There is a communal shed with second hand tools that members are free to borrow for short periods so long as they are returned in good condition.

Botley Meadow usually organises an early and late summer barbecues to which all members are invited – these are ‘bring & share’ events.

We have put together a few pointers designed to help you manage your plot which can be found here.