This area is a collection point for resources that members may find useful.

Crop Rotation & Companion Planting

Two guides from SowSeeds that may be of interest to members:

Crop rotation is the process of growing vegetables in their respective families and moving the families around a plot in a specific sequence so they are not grown on the same piece of land for at least 3 years.

Companion planting is an organic method of maintaining a natural balance in your garden, aiding pollination and keeping pest numbers down.  Most companion plants are strongly scented and confuse pests looking for their host plant.


Composting Perennial Weeds

While small annual weeds can be a useful contribution to your compost heap (bulking up the ‘green’ component), dealing with perennial weeds like ground elder, couch grass, nettles and docks need to be treated differently. This leaflet produced by ASK Organic provides some useful ways of dealing with them before you can add them to your compost.

Security on Allotments

There has been a spate of organised thefts and vandalism recently on several allotment sites across the city. The collective cost of stolen equipment and damage runs into thousands of pounds. By way of example theft and damage at just two ODFAA sites recently came to over £5000

Costs aside, the frustration, disappointment and anger of those impacted and the burden of dealing with the aftermath of such events is significant.

ODFAA (The Allotment Federation) have produced this guidance with the intention of supporting our membership while reviewing security on their sites.


National Allotment Society Leaflets:

Click on the images below to download a PDF version of the leaflet.