One of our members, Anna, spotted one company still delivering seeds which might be useful for those of you still looking for them:

The Garden of Oxford

Wallis Seeds, which the Association has used for many years to obtain seeds, onions etc. for members, is no longer operating.  Following extensive searches, Cathy has managed to find a replacement service from Kings Seeds.

Kings Seeds

Instead of ordering through the allotment shop annually, our members can order all year long and get a 50% discount on seeds.  (The discount does not apply to plants, fruit, garlic, mushrooms, potatoes, onion and shallot sets and sundry items.)

You can order by post, phone or online. Experience shows that online is certainly the easiest. To obtain a 50% discount with Kings Seeds, you will need to use the attached link to register a personal account.

  1. Use the this link for online orders.
  2. Phone up and use the account code KA1119
  3. Post an order to Kings and where the order form states ‘Association’ substitute KA1119

The service is quick, certainly no more than 4 days, great selection with topical articles.

They have an extensive catalogue which you can view online here. We also have a small stash of hard-copy catalogues and order forms available at the shop so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


Real Seeds

Several members use the Real Seed Company which guarantees to stock no GM or F1 hybrid seed material.  They are a DEFRA-registered seed merchant: all their seed is grown, dried and stored professionally, and gets fantastic feedback from people. Over the years they have collected together what they think are the very best vegetables for the home gardener – both valuable heirlooms and really good modern strains.

One of the main aims of the company – written into its deeds – is to educate and encourage home seed saving. All their varieties are real, open-pollinated seed (non-hybrid), so you can save your own seed for the future, using instructions they supply. They have written freely-downloadable seed-saving guides. There’s really no need to buy new seed every year – you can just save your own.



Cathy has put together a small catalogue of the various bulbs the allotment shop has for sale.

This can be viewed here.