On May 25th 2018 the General Data Protection Requirement (GDPR) comes into force – replacing the previous Data Protection Act. GDPR requirements include that members of all organisations need to be made aware of the information held about them, and the uses to which that data is put.

The Allotment Association holds some (or all) of the following data about each of its members: Name, Plot number, and on which site, Postal address, Landline phone number and/or mobile phone number, Email address.

We will be contacting each of you shortly by email or by post to explain what data we hold and how we use it. We have taken advice and are confident we can demonstrate that the Association has what is termed a Legitimate Interest in holding and using this data – as without it we would be unable to function as an organisation (e.g. if we couldn’t contact you then we couldn’t rent out a plot to you).

You can find further details of what data we hold and how we store and use it in our Association Data Protection and Website Privacy Policy.

New data protection legislation