Sorry – there was a technical glitch that prevented you from replying to a post (either an offer or a request).  This is now fixed. Remember that if you are exchanging contact details, these will be visible to all members logged in so you might want to think about limiting it to“I’m on Twenty Pound Meadow, plot XX, I’ll there on Saturday morning and so on …”

Thanks for all the emails we have received expressing interest in a virtual seed and seedling exchange this year – during what are uncommon circumstances.

After an initial hiccup to do with website security we are now ready to launch the discussion board.  So please can anyone who has expressed interest in their emails to us please post offers/requests on the discussion board …

How this works:

  1. Head over to the website and click on Log In under the Topics tab on the top menu bar
  2. The first time you do this you will need to complete a short registration form and the Website will send you an email (from wordpress@westoxfordallotments.org) with a link to activate your account.

Once you’ve successfully registered you can find the Seed Swap discussion under Topics (the only Topic so far).  So – If you’ve been caught short by the Lock-down (or can’t find a firm that will deliver in time) and need seeds or seedlings please post a request, listing:

  • Your name
  • Your plot number (and which site you’re on)
  • What it is you’re looking for (tomato plants, beans etc.)

Then wait to see if somebody can match your request with surplus of their own.

Similarly, if you have more seed than you think you’ll need this year, or if you’re likely to have extra seedlings that others could use, please post a comment with the same details as above and wait for an answer.  Once you’ve exchanged your surplus it is worth adding a post to say that they’re all gone to avoid any more people asking!

After that it is up to you. The secretary will moderate this list but can’t and won’t take an active role in matching up requests and offers.

As we stated, this is a discussion board thread for members to communicate for the purposes of swapping seeds and plants. Please don’t use it for any other purpose. If you want a discussion thread for another topic please contact the site secretary to discuss.

And Finally! – We trust that members will abide by Government recommended ‘social distancing’ when exchanging seeds and plants!

Virtual Seed and Plant Exchange now LIVE