Helen White on TPM has done a great job and has managed to get our local PCSO to organise a security event to help members:

Sunday 23rd August
11am – 13pm

  • Get advice from our local PSCO on shed security
  • Get your garden tools marked up to deter thieves
  • Hear about updates to general security at TPM

Following the spate of break-ins to sheds on our site we thought we would remind members of the guide to allotment security that the Fed (ODFAA) developed a couple of years ago.  This has been up on our website (on our Resources for Members page) since then and contains a number of useful tips.

There are a number of relatively inexpensive ways of making your shed less vulnerable to break-ins including the use of a proper security hasp and staple fitting on the door (secured with a coach bolt), a padlock of sufficient security rating (e.g. CEN grade 3), and fitting ‘hinge bolts’ to the hinged side of the shed door.  All of these will make the shed a less attractive option for opportunistic thieves. Your Secretary has installed all of these options on their shed and is happy to provide further advice!

The Committee is looking at ways we can make the site more secure overall, but with one boundary perpetually open to the river there will always be the possibility of thieves gaining access.  Therefore, making individual sheds less attractive to them is worth considering …

Improving Shed Security