Tobias writes: I wanted to share an idea with all of you:

I have been thinking about whether there is a case to research and discuss the following topic:

Preparing our allotment site for climate change

In 10 years’ time the open, sun and wind-exposed plot will most likely not work as well if at all. It will require too much water to keep going, and many types of vegetables will need some shade, some cooling and protection from strong winds.

An introduction of the right, small canopy trees and shrubs, in the right places might be able to:

  • soften the sun’s impact,
  • regulate temperature
  • keep in moisture
  • contribute nutrients
  • support biodiversity
  • protect from extreme weather events

This canopy and shrub layer would need up to 10 years to establish so now would be a good time to get it started. It would require expert advice and design.  Here is a video to support my thinking

I am not suggesting creating a huge forest garden, but these techniques might become mandatory for us to be able to grow crops in the future.

Do you think this is a worthwhile initiative? Please feel free to share with me any comments.

You can find some interesting examples of UK forest gardens here.

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Twenty Pound Meadow

On plot 34B and 35B

Ideas for forest gardening